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The Source for Original Bilateral Music Programs 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality music for your needs. Our all original bilateral music combines the healing sounds of nature with soothing instrumental music for an overall relaxing and enjoyable listening experience. 

What is Bilateral Music? 
Bilateral Music is specifically formatted to move from one ear to the other at different speeds. This movement creates a bilateral stimulation of the brain which activates the orienting reflex. This reflex is the nervous systems reaction to any new stimuli. This reflex allows us to identify and possibly mitigate, any possible threats in our vicinity. Did I hear the wind or is that someone trying to open my door? Because this musical bilateral stimulation is constantly shifting, the brain keeps its attention on it and allows us a distraction from whatever we may have been focusing on, giving us more flexibility in our thinking. This bilateral movement activates our parasympathetic nervous system providing a relaxing effect and decreasing our nervous system arousal (rapid heartbeat, sweating palms, shallow breathing). 

It has been well established that music activates the ENTIRE brain in a unique way. By including all of the brain, bilateral music allows all aspects of your being (mind, body and emotions) to participate in the healing or performance improvement we are seeking to create. 

New research has shown the healing effects of natural sound in recovering from stress. Our programs are "set" in a nature scene. This means that a portion of what you hear is a high quality, stereo natural scene, such as a beach with waves washing up and seagulls riding the wind or a forest with birds chirping and a stream nearby. When you begin playing the music, you are "placed" in this setting as the music begins softly moving back and forth. This "panning" often changes speeds to more effectively facilitate the therapeutic and relaxation processes. 

We create our music specifically for this purpose. It is created in conjunction with each nature scene, so that the scene and the music fit together to create the most effective and relaxing atmosphere. Much thought and energy go into each musical piece, to provide a relaxing, yet stimulating experience.

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What People are Saying 

Endorsed by Dr. David Grand, developer of Brainspotting. 

“Reflection is by far the best bilateral CD I've heard. My clients find it helps them to move through their emotions, and I listen to it myself every morning while meditating." 
Jessica McCrea, Ph.d 

“Your music is a powerful support for my clinical work with Brainspotting. It helps my clients to move into a deep process quickly and allows them to access their own profound intelligence with ease. The music is not just highly effective but also inspiring, heart opening, and wonderful!” 
Avani G. Dilger MEd, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, CACIII